December 17, 2017

IIS AWS Elastic Beanstalk End to End SSL Encryption

How to enable end to end SSL encryption for IIS Elastic Beanstalk environments. This process will provide port 443 passthrough on the ELB. During the deployment of the Windows Beanstalk servers we will copy the certificate and bind it on the IIS server.  To perform this process we will use a certificate, s3 bucket, and […]

Windows 2008 SP1 installation Error

I ran across an issue attempting to install Service Pack 1 on a Windows 2008 R2 server.  I was able to install this service pack on 30 or 40 other servers without issue, but this one would error out about an hour into the installation with the following message. Installation was not successful The system […]

Modify DirSync to not Sync all objects to Office 365

Introduction What does DirSync (Directory Synchronization) do ? Well allot of the features of office 365 rely on synchronizing your Active Directory environment. Some reasons include a Unified GAL, single sign-on (SSO), and advanced features such as rich-coexistence. Office 365 has a limit of how many objects which can be sync’ed to the cloud, 10,000 […]

Manage Active Directory(non 2008 r2) With Windows PowerShell

Ever needed to use powershell to work with Active Directory, but don’t have a 2008r2 Domain Controller deployed. I was faced with this issue and found the following MS Article -> Active Directory Management Gateway Service (Active Directory Web Service for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008). The installation process was pretty straight forward, […]

Office 365 – Dirsync server info

Assumption: The ADFS infrastructure is up, running, fully up to date, trusted by office 365, and configured properly. The appropriate single sign-on domains are defined correctly in the Office 365 environment. Someone has contacted the Office 365 Support team to allow synchronization of more than 10,000 objects. We have successfully run the Microsoft Office 365 […]

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