December 17, 2017

vCheck – Show Thin Provisioned Disks

I’ve been following Brian Wuchner blog since I discovered vCheck.ps1.  vCheck is a cheap way to report on key information about your VMware infrastructure.  When I found this script I had some difficulties getting everything set up and running correctly.  Also there where a ton of comments on the original which added functionality, but […]

Passed my VMWare Certified Professional for vSphere 5

I’ve been using VMware since version 1.5 pretty heavily in large virtual environments.  I originally started working with VMware because I really didn’t think it would work well in the earlier versions and was I surprised when we where hosting hundreds of virtual machines off of maybe 6-8 hosts.  I never thought vMotion would work […]

ESXi 5 Licensing error

Today decided to upgrade my ESXi 4.1 server which hosts a couple vm’s to ESX 5. From everything I’ve read the upgrade process is pretty simple and straight forward. I performed a CD upgrade and it went without a hitch. One thing I found is ESXi 5 is a bit different than ESXi 4.x, requiring […]

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