December 17, 2017

System State backup script (2000/2003)

Backs up system state on a computer. This script can be easily scheduled to run nightly typing the following command at the command line: at TIME /every:m,t,w,th,f,s,su Script File Location. For example: at 18:45 /every:m,t,w,th,f,s,su C:\Scripts\SysState\SysState.bat. The backup file will be over written each time it runs. For non-domain controllers the file size will range […]

New info on how to recover deleted Office 365 users

Microsoft releases a new document on “How to troubleshoot deleted user accounts in Office 365”.  This is great information as the recovery process has been pretty painful for DirSync’ed user accounts.  For more info see the following ->

How to disable DirSync for your tenant

This should not be done unless you want to completely disable dirsync.  When you perform this operation it will begin a process in office 365 to disable dirsync, which by default tells you it will take up to 72 hours.  Once this process starts you need to wait till it completes before you can enable […]

Make dirsync service account non-expiring

By default the Office 365 user account password will expire every 90 days.  This is only for accounts you create in the office 365 portal.  To begin performing dirsync of your environment you will need an account in the Office 365 environment which has “Global Administrator” rights. To be honest I think granting this id […]

Interpreting DirSync Errors – Duplicate Email Address

Identity Error Description On-premises object ID <userid> A synchronized object with the same proxy address already exists in your Microsoft Online Services directory. There are two objects in the local Active Directory directory service with the same proxy address. Change the proxy address in your local Active Directory <onprem object id> <userid>@<o365tenantname> Unable to update […]

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