December 17, 2017

Potiential BUG found in Office 365 Lync

I have been working with Microsoft for a couple weeks on an issue with Office 365 Lync.  This issue was rather strange.  Here is a brief breakdown of what I was seeing.  Basically some users where not displaying correct organizational information for users.  What was so odd was the users where displayed correctly in our […]

Additional Ports and DNS entries needed for Office 365 Lync on mobile devices

After following the instructions in my previous post, What DNS records are required for Office 365 Lync, we found that mobile devices where still having issues connecting to Office 365 Lync client (iphone, ipad, android, etc.).  We would see inconsistent results and also get prompted periodically with errors about certificates on our mobile devices.  To […]

What DNS records are required for Office 365 Lync

To get Office 365 Lync to work with your federated domain, you will need to add some DNS entries.  These entries should normally be added to your external DNS.  Granted it can also be added to your internal DNS zone if you are doing split brain DNS.  To allow your federated domain users to automatically […]

Lync Client Released for iPhone and iOS devices

The Lync client has been release for the iPhone. This is pretty cool considering it was only available for windows phones mostly. It great to see Microsoft producing software for other platforms. I just go it installed earlier this week and so far am pleased. It’s simple to use and it continues to use the […]

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