December 17, 2017

Manage Office 365 Exchange with Exchange Management Console

You can use the Exchange Manatment Console to manage your Office 365 Exchange environment.  I found 2 great articles to help you set this up for your environment. First you will need to install the Exchange Management Console.  To do this you will need the Exchange installation DVD.  You will need meet the Exchange install […]

Process to recover a deleted email account

I recently had an issue where someone on our admin team accidentally deleted a licensed office 365 user.  It was not caught before dirsync ran and unfortunately the users Office 365 presence was removed (sharepoint,mailbox,lync).  Luckily we are not using sharepoint heavily yet, so the only major loss was the users mailbox. Once the admin […]

Exchange On-Prem installation issues

We decided to add an on premise Exchange server to help administer the Office 365 Exchange environment and specifically to give us an interface to exchange attributes and settings. Without an on premise Exchange server all/most changes to Exchange attributes would need to be done with editors like adsiedit or powershell scripts. Most of what […]

Exchange 2010 SP1 Schema Extensions

For the migration to Office 365 we need to install the Exchange 2010 sp1 schema extensions.  Currently there is no exchange presence in the environment, will be migrating from another enterprise mail system. This schema extension is required to utilize the rich co-existance feature of dirsync. This is where cloud information will sync to your […]

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