December 17, 2017

Additional Ports and DNS entries needed for Office 365 Lync on mobile devices

After following the instructions in my previous post, What DNS records are required for Office 365 Lync, we found that mobile devices where still having issues connecting to Office 365 Lync client (iphone, ipad, android, etc.).  We would see inconsistent results and also get prompted periodically with errors about certificates on our mobile devices.  To […]

Scripting: Backing up DNS zones

Backs up all the DNS zones on a server, including Active Directory-integrated zones. Requires DNSCMD.exe in the current directory or path. @echo off REM ======================================================== REM REM NAME: DNSBackup.bat REM REM AUTHOR: Michael J. Ginter REM DATE : 4/24/2007 REM REM Version: 1.0 REM REM COMMENT: Requires DNSCMD.exe in the current directory or in the […]

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