December 17, 2017

IIS AWS Elastic Beanstalk End to End SSL Encryption

How to enable end to end SSL encryption for IIS Elastic Beanstalk environments. This process will provide port 443 passthrough on the ELB. During the deployment of the Windows Beanstalk servers we will copy the certificate and bind it on the IIS server.  To perform this process we will use a certificate, s3 bucket, and […]

Process to recover a deleted email account

I recently had an issue where someone on our admin team accidentally deleted a licensed office 365 user.  It was not caught before dirsync ran and unfortunately the users Office 365 presence was removed (sharepoint,mailbox,lync).  Luckily we are not using sharepoint heavily yet, so the only major loss was the users mailbox. Once the admin […]

Make dirsync service account non-expiring

By default the Office 365 user account password will expire every 90 days.  This is only for accounts you create in the office 365 portal.  To begin performing dirsync of your environment you will need an account in the Office 365 environment which has “Global Administrator” rights. To be honest I think granting this id […]

Office 365 User account not getting updated after AD UPN changes

I ran accross something interesting the other day during our migrations.  We are currently using the multiple upn adfs hotfix which allows us to use more than 1 upn to be federated.  For instance I have some users which might be and some user that might be and both are considered federated in […]

Additional Ports and DNS entries needed for Office 365 Lync on mobile devices

After following the instructions in my previous post, What DNS records are required for Office 365 Lync, we found that mobile devices where still having issues connecting to Office 365 Lync client (iphone, ipad, android, etc.).  We would see inconsistent results and also get prompted periodically with errors about certificates on our mobile devices.  To […]

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