December 17, 2017

System State backup script (2000/2003)

Backs up system state on a computer. This script can be easily scheduled to run nightly typing the following command at the command line: at TIME /every:m,t,w,th,f,s,su Script File Location. For example: at 18:45 /every:m,t,w,th,f,s,su C:\Scripts\SysState\SysState.bat. The backup file will be over written each time it runs. For non-domain controllers the file size will range […]

Scripting: Backing up DNS zones

Backs up all the DNS zones on a server, including Active Directory-integrated zones. Requires DNSCMD.exe in the current directory or path. @echo off REM ======================================================== REM REM NAME: DNSBackup.bat REM REM AUTHOR: Michael J. Ginter REM DATE : 4/24/2007 REM REM Version: 1.0 REM REM COMMENT: Requires DNSCMD.exe in the current directory or in the […]

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