December 17, 2017

Office 365 Possible Issues Changing Users UPN’s

Working with Microsoft Office 365 support the other day I was informed of a potential issue which could occur if you change a users upn from the default domain. For instance your Active directory domain is dagint.local, but you want to use office 365, so you need a internet addressable domain name, like  You […]

ADFS Install Issue

Our development ADFS environment has been experiencing issues logging into office 365.  When we would go to the http:\\ and enter username (upn user name ie. for the federated domain, it would redirect correctly to the ADFS server, we would supply our credentials and then be redirected back to office 365 with the following […]

How to test if ADFS is functioning

I’ve been trying to find a good way to determine if ADFS 2.0 is functioning correctly. We are currently experiencing issues with our configuration and there seems to be limited information on how to go about troubleshooting ADFS. I wanted a way to determine if ADFS was functioning correctly in each stage (internal ADFS server, […]

UPDATE: AD FS 2.0 Service Fails to Start

Here is an update to my previous post AD FS 2.0: Service Fails to Start After implementing this fix I was still having some issues with my ADFS proxy server. Service start-up time was still extremely slow, but the machine seemed to perform fine (CPU, Memory, Network, Disk where all fine.) So I decided to […]

AD FS 2.0: Service Fails to Start

** Please see Updated Post for more info or if this doesn’t resolve the issue ** After installing the AD FS proxy server I was unable to successfully start the ADFS service. Unfortunately there was only an error message and an event log entry which indicates the service did not start in the required time. […]

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