December 17, 2017

Replacing an Active Directory Forest NTP server

There should only be one time source in your forest and by default it would be on the first Domain Controller you bring up.  At some point you will need to replace that server with newer hardware.  Just make sure you remember to add the authoritative time source to the new server or another Domain […]

New info on how to recover deleted Office 365 users

Microsoft releases a new document on “How to troubleshoot deleted user accounts in Office 365”.  This is great information as the recovery process has been pretty painful for DirSync’ed user accounts.  For more info see the following ->

Office 365 Possible Issues Changing Users UPN’s

Working with Microsoft Office 365 support the other day I was informed of a potential issue which could occur if you change a users upn from the default domain. For instance your Active directory domain is dagint.local, but you want to use office 365, so you need a internet addressable domain name, like  You […]

DirSync /FullSQL Install with a remote SQL server

Introduction I had several posts about DirSync and one of the topics I have not discussed is installing DirSync using a remote Microsoft SQL server.  In this post I will do just that.  Please understand you need to meet all of the minimum requirements for installing DirSync. For more information see my previous post Office […]

Active Directory attributes DirSync’ed with Office 365

I was asked to determine what Active Directory information would actually synchronized with the Office 365 cloud.  Not all attributes will be sync’ed, only a subset of all the AD attributes will need to be populated in the cloud.  So to determine what attributes would sync I opened up the miisclient.exe (c:\Program Files\Microsoft Online Directory […]

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