August 16, 2017

Online Support

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DaGint Remote Support

1. Using Internet Explorer in the address bar enter and hit the Enter key (or click the above). You should see the following website:

2. You will be prompted by the technician to either supply a Session Key or click on a specific Representative. 3. Once you click on a specific Representative you will be prompted to download, please select Run.

4. When the download completes you will be prompted again to run, please select run

5. The support program will copy needed files. It will take about a minute to complete. 6. When completed, you will be presented with the following window. Please select Allow, to allow the technician to view your computer.

7. The technician will have view access to computer when you see the following. Notice the icon has a green box.

8. You will also see the following picture in the top right of your screen to know when a technician is working on your machine.

9. To end your session at any time. Click the red X. This will disconnect the technician and remove the support files. Normally the technician will terminate the session and you will see the message in step 10 when the technician has disconnected.

10. You will be prompted with the following message. Select Yes to end the session and remove the remote software from your computer.

11. Once complete you will be prompted with the following message:

12. Also your internet browser will open up a page with some information about your support session. At the bottom of the page will be a survey about your experience with your technician, please rate your technician, if you like supply some comments (not required) and click submit.

DaGint Computer Support